Learn How to Get Into Law School


Deciding to practice law or earn a law degree is something that requires a lot of thought and commitment. There is a lot involved in getting into a good law school and ensuring you’re able to accomplish your goals and find employment after you get your degree. If you have considered the amount of work required to get a law degree and still want to go through the process then take a look at the following information and learn how to get into law school.

Get an Undergraduate Degree

law-book-gavelBefore applying for law school, complete your undergraduate degree. There is no specific major that is required by the American Bar Association in order to apply for law school, but there are certain courses that could increase your chances of getting into law school. A few majors that tend to result in a higher rate of acceptance into law school include journalism, philosophy, and economics. While earning your degree, it is also important to maintain a high GPA. Your grade point average will have a major impact on whether you get accepted into law school.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities always look good on a college application. You should also get started with these activities as soon as possible. Colleges like to look at how long you have been involved in each activity and your level of participation; though, you should not spread yourself out too thin. This means that you should try to focus on just a few activities. Choose several activities that have meaning to you and devote free time to them without letting your grades suffer.

Create an LSAC Account

6840780_xlIt is also a good idea to begin preparing for law school early. Create an LSAC account. This is an account for the Law School Admission Council, the group responsible for administering the LSAT (law school admissions test). With your account in place, you can browse various LSAT related resources and even purchase preparation materials to help you gain an understanding of the depth of the test.

You will also use this account to prepare for your law school applications. Your LSAC account will give you access to the Credential Assembly Service. You can use this service to keep track of all your accomplishments, activities, internships, and other credentials that you will add to your law school applications.

Take the LSAT When You Are Ready

After reviewing some of the training materials that you find through your LSAC account you should begin preparing for the LSAT. Start taking practice tests and studying for the exam. If you do not know anyone else that is studying for the exam you may be able to find training partners online. Additionally, you will find a whole host of online resources to help you prepare. The LSAT is only offered 4 times a year, so when you believe that you are fully prepared for the exam, register to take the test. Once you have passed the LSAT, and you are nearly finished with your undergraduate degree, it is time to begin applying to law schools.

lawyer-03Take your time when finding law schools to apply to. Examine as much about each school as possible. Find out what their requirements are, how many new enrollees they accept each year, the price of tuition, and other factors. Carefully evaluate each school and narrow your list down to half a dozen schools. Send out your applications as you would any other college and remember to use your resources from your LSAC account to help ensure you include all your activities and other relevant information.

Getting into law school requires a lot of hard work, studying, and the passing of the LSAT. If you truly want to get involved in law then stick with your studies and continue learning as much as possible as you ready yourself for the LSAT. If you have any additional questions or concerns about applying for law school, feel free to send us a message.